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Steel Night 29.11.01

Label: Cold Spring

Format: CDx4 box deluxe

Genre: Noise

In stock

"As a surprise on the night, and impressed with the line-up, Douglas P of DEATH IN JUNE approached and asked if he could open the show with an acoustic set. All four acts were digitally recorded by Stephen Meixner (CONTRASTATE). For this set, each CD is packaged in its own card wallet, in its own camouflage, inside a shrinkwrapped `clamshell` style box. The set is made complete with a foldout poster of images all the bands that played this STEEL NIGHT."
Limited edition four-disc box set of 1,500 copies, with each disc in its own cardboard slipcase. Includes a poster with photos from the event and further information.
Obviously this is just the DI6 cd, as it is the only one of any interest to me.
Cat. number: CSR50CD
Year: 2003

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