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Strange Oasis - excerpt 1
Strange Oasis - excerpt 2
Strange Oasis - excerpt 3
Strange Oasis - excerpt 4

Million Brazilians

Strange Oasis

Label: Nonlocal Research

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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**150 copies** "In 1925, Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett disappeared in the indescribable jungles of Brazil during an expedition to find the lost city of Z. The city not only represented a sort of El Dorado, but also a state of consciousness in which the traveler and the jungle became a single being. Fawcett describes this ideal moment as the appearance of an inverted oasis; a deserted space in-between lush vegetation where one cannot longer distinguish one plant from the other, water from land or bugs from birds. All of them form a unified harmonic tissue of organic matter.
Strange Oasis by Million Brazilians is in sound what Fawcett dreamed to find. Loaded with layers of tribal percussion, far-out atmospheres and exotic melodies, this record achieves to gather lush and mystery in a tangible fabric of sound. Flutes pass as birds, taps as humid drops, melodies as organic currents. A ritual happening far away and within simultaneously. As the music crowds round us, the sounds take on animal and vegetal flesh to form a strange oasis in the exact middle of the inner jungle."
Cat. number: NLR018
Year: 2019

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