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O vero Free - excerpt

Mario Schiano, Tommaso Vittorini

Swimming Pool Orchestra (LP)

Label: Dischi Della Quercia

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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**Original 1981 vinyl edition of the album. Few copies available**  A real piece of creative madness. With "Swimming Pool Orchestra", Mario Schiano decided not only to continue with the humor of provocation (two musicians are locked in a dilapidated recording studio, where the sound engineer tries to repair the water pipes. The two try to wait, quarrel, until the studio is flooded and the record can no longer be made), but also inviting in the studio Umberto D'Ambrosio, aka Trottolino, a minstrel show forgotten figure, who will die a few months later, making him interpret the text of 'The Real Free' track ('O vero free era chillo 'e 'na vota, tuccava 'o core 'o vero free...).

"Me ne jeve 'na sera mmieze ò mare
cantanne free cù nostalgia
e penzave, guardanne stì lampare
ca nun ce stà cchiù musica 'a quanne è muorte 'o free

'O vero free era chillo 'e 'na vota, tuccava 'o core 'o vero free
pure l'Americane s'o cantavano,
pè miezz'e nire ieve chella museca
ma mò ca e tiempe belle so fernute
'o core mie fernesce 'nzieme 'o free

'O vero free era chilo 'e 'na vota, tuccava 'o core 'o vero free
ma 'a tristezza cchiù grossa che m'accide
è ca 'sti piscature 'e Margellina
nun canteno cchiù free ma sule rock
ma sulamente 'o rock".

Cat. number: Q 28011
Year: 2019

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