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Frank Lowe

Out Loud (2LP)

Label: Archive Editions

Format: LPx2

Genre: Jazz

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Strictly limited to 550 hand-numbered copies, this deluxe 2-LP edition presents the complete recordings by the hitherto invisible 1974 quartet of Frank Lowe, Joe Bowie, William Parker, and Steve Reid. For what would have been his second album as leader, Frank Lowe captured this cataclysmic quartet in-studio at Survival and in performance at Studio Rivbea. Lowe called it "Logical Extensions". These 1974 tapes went unreleased and are heard only now in this rediscovered and expanded volume. Out Loud gathers the only known recordings of this combustible band, with trumpeter Ahmed Abdullah guesting on one track, and a link to landmark video footage of the quartet live at Rivbea. The second LP was recorded at Studio Rivbea 24 Bond Street, NYC around 1974; Recording engineer -Scott Trusty. The first LP was recorded at Survival Studio, 77 Greene Street, NYC on May 1, 1974; Recording engineer - Rashied Ali. Includes 38-page, full-color brochure: Ed Hazell explains the music's genesis and fits the group into a loft-scene perspective; Photographers Val Wilmer and Omar Kharem pluck choice visuals from the rubble of Watergate-era NYC; J.D. Parran's recollections give you director's-cut insight into Lowe's saxophony; 40-minute sync-sound video offers a revealing peep through the keyhole of 24 Bond Street. Comes in old-school, tip-on gatefold jacket, lavishly designed by the award-winning Svenja Knödler. Edition of 550 (hand-numbered).

Personnel: Frank Lowe - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, voice, percussion, congas, balafon, whistles, harmonica, miscellaneous small instruments; Joseph Bowie - trombone, congas; William Parker - bass; Steve Reid - drums.
Cat. number: TPR 209LP
Year: 2018

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