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Frank Lowe

The Loweski

Label: Esp-Disk

Format: CD

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This track is the unreleased beginning portion of this 1973 Frank Loweconcert that was released as Black Beings. This incredible performance is filled with the fire and drive Frank Lowe was projecting on his tenor sax in 1973. This extended track titled "The Lowesky" is set in a five part suite form. Each performer is allowed ample time to express his individual contributions to this phenomenal group. The Band: Frank Lowe-tenor sax, Joseph Jarman-soprano, Raymond Lee Cheng (The Wizard)-violin, William Parker-bass and drummer Rashid Sinanperform admirably on this 38 minute performance, which contains minor feedback on the original recording.

Cat. number: espdisk4066cd
Year: 2012
Genre: Jazz