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Emiliano Romanelli

Tabulatura (Volume 1)

Label: Cassauna

Format: TAPE

Genre: Electronic

In stock


In stock. Tabulatura (2008) is an indeterminate composition for 16 prerecorded guitar parts and computer with custom software. It is conceived as a system to generate different electroacoustic patterns. This cassette documents seven pieces recorded live during four sessions at the 18th-century Palazzo Castagna in Città Sant'Angelo, Italy, between May and June 2015. The album was recorded on two-track, directly on hard drive, without DSP and overdubs. Emiliano Romanelli (b. 1979) is an Italian musician with a background in visual art. His works include sound installation, live performance, and composition; they are based on generative systems and the perceptual relationships between sound, light, and space. His work is published by Terziruolo (IT). He is a co-founder of the multimedia duo Tu m' (1998-2011). Their compositions have been released by labels including LINE (US), Headz (Japan), and Dekorder (Germany), and their audio-visual works have been exhibited in various museums and galleries including the Castle of Rivoli (Turin), the Arnolfini (Bristol), and the Oboro (Montréal).

Cat. number: SAUNA29
Year: 2016

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