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Thomas Köner


Label: TYPE

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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The gorgeous second album from dark ambient pioneer Thomas Köner. Originally released in 1992 and never previously available on vinyl, Teimo is probably the most "tuneful" of Köner's legendary triptych (Nunatak, Teimo and Permafrost). The submerged drones that became his signature are tempered slightly on this album, to give a hallowed, mournful edge which has been echoed on so much of today's darker ambient music. Indeed, at times throughout this cavernous album, there are hints at something orchestral in the layers of reverb and dense clouds of harrowing sound. It is hard to believe that Köner pieced this record together using recordings of gongs -- close mic'ed to reveal their subtle overtones and resonance. At times, the resulting sound is so gloriously alien and so synthetic, that you would be forgiven for thinking it is a trick of synthesis, but the textures are always organic. Teimo is music which, like its companion pieces, inspires a rich, visual world; and if Nunatak suggested human ice exploration, then this record is set somewhere deep, deep underwater. The low-end resonance, which was later co-opted by so many drone and dark ambient practitioners, places us on the sea bed, muffled and disoriented, as sounds bubble and wash overhead. The distant sounds are almost dream-like, yet through the water, cracks of light and solace appear in the powerful harmonic elements.
Cat. number: TYPE070LP
Year: 2010