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The Cave Of The Lost Talisman

Label: Heimat Der Katastrophe

Format: Tape

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

Out of stock

Small repress available Kobold  is a new catacombal composer specialized in dungeon-wave at 8-16 bit. "The Cave of the Lost Talisman" is a D&D adventure module for basic set with players level 1-3. Get down to the dungeon's darkness and be ready to an experience full of moisture and danger. There's a lot of umanoids armed with spiked clubs who hide in the tunnels of an abandoned mine...

Retrogamers RPG lovers and old-school dungeons-synth fans should not miss this unique masterpiece of atmosphere by KOBOLD.

Cat. number: HDK 2
Year: 2021
from J-card: "Recorded in Kobold headquarters in summer-fall 2017. A Heimat Der Katastrophe records production. This artefact is dedicated to the memory of the genius of dungeon-drawing Dave A. Trampier (1954-2014)." This is the 4rd unnumbered edition. On cover is mentioned "music for Dungeon & Dragons module". (Other editions are mentioned with "music for OSR module") The red-printed white cassette comes with foldout J-card and and 8-paged b/w booklet. All durations are taken from digital release.