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Leila Nova - excerpt 1
Leila Nova - excerpt 2
Leila Nova - excerpt 3
Leila Nova - excerpt 4
File under: EthnicOrganic

Ko Shin Moon

Leila Nova (Lp)

Label: Akuphone

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Ko Shin Moon's third LP puts the use of samples on a background layer and asserts his place as an instrumentalist. Leïla Nova presents itself as a nocturnal digression where analogical synthesizer, rhythm box, vocal tinkering, and colorful instrumentation are mixed together. Psychedelia, electronic variations, dance music, synth folk, and filmed approach, blend with traditional Greek, Afghan, Lebanese-Syrian, Turkish, and Indian revisited repertoires. The artwork is designed by Lebanese artist Raphaelle Macaron. Three pantone colors sleeve; includes download card.

File under: EthnicOrganic
Cat. number: AKU 1022LP
Year: 2020