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Innéisme - 1
Innéisme - 2
Innéisme - 3
Innéisme - 4

My Jazzy Child

Innéisme (Lp)

Label: Akuphone

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

Preorder: due on and around July 18th


Tip! *Limited vinyl with uncoated sleeve, printed inner and download card (300 only)* Inspired by Noam Chosmky's "universal grammar", it refers to man's innate ability to develop language. It is that English, Occitan, French patois, Hindi, Pygmy or French cohabit on this record, juxtaposing on rhythms and beats that appear as a fantasized primordial tradition.
If My Jazzy Child aka Damien Mingus, questions languages about Innéisme, he also questions musical languages, mixing Asian rites and free jazz, electronic wanderings and traditional percussions. A virtuoso and experimental collage that nevertheless knows how to remain melodic

Cat. number: AKU 1029LP
Year: 2021