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The Harmonic Series: Musical Works In Just Intonation

Label: Important Records

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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'The Harmonic Series' is a compilation of musical works in Just Intonation created by three generations of contemporary composers who utilize this tuning system. This compilation was curated over the span of two years by Duane Pitre and released on Important Records in November 2009. The goal of this compilation and its accompanying liner notes is to educate listeners about the origins and use of Just Intonation, as well as to portray the unique beauty of this tonal “color palette,” which is heard by relatively few in the Western world and explored by even fewer. Although all the artists on the compilation work within the avant-garde/experimental genre, each artist lends something unique to the collection, and each employs a different approach toward how to utilize Just Intonation. Within The Harmonic Series you’ll find an array of instrumentation such as piano, cello, accordion, electronics, guitar, Ukelin, saxophone, violin, koto, and more.

The featured artists on The Harmonic Series are: Pauline Oliveros, Ellen Fullman, Charles Curtis, Michael Harrison, Greg Davis, R Keenan Lawler, Duane Pitre, Theresa Wong, and Zachary James Watkins.

Cat. number: IMPREC272CD
Year: 2010
Packaged in a clear-tray jewel case with a 16-page booklet that includes liner notes, track notes, and release information. - Track 1: Statements from Ellen Fullman (BMI) and Theresa Wong (ASCAP). - Track 2: Recorded in Burlington, Vermont 2008 | © 2009 Greg Davis (BMI). - Track 3: © 2008 Michael Harrison, New York City. Recorded at the American Academy of Arts & Letters, New York City. No overdubs, digital reverb, equalization or compression was used on this recording. - Track 4: 2009 with many thanks to Cindy. - Track 5: Tuning system for Pauline Olivero's accordion: The left hand is tuned in 5 limit; the right hand is in 7 limit. The tuning was done by Walter Vergini of Oxnard, CA under the supervision of Alfred Shabda Owen. The tuning system was suggested by Loren Rush. The tuning was done in a ten-day period in May of 1987. - Track 6: Written/Recorded in 2006. © 2009 Duane Pitre (BMI). - Track 7: Recorded August 30, 2008. Mastered at Headless Buddha Mastering Lab. 'Country Western' was funded in part by the Composer Assistance Program of the American Music Center and by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts. 'Country Western' premiered at Meridian Gallery in San Francisco, CA on April 9, 2008. © 2009 ASCAP - Track 8: Recorded at UC San Diego.

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