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File under: Cosmic

Third Ear Band

The Magus (LP)

Label: Tiger Bay

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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The Third Ear Band burst into life within the British psychedelic scene at the end of the 60s, breaking away from the initial premises a few years later when the band’s ethnic approach yielded to external influences such as oriental raga, folk and occult spirituality. The Magus is considered the band’s fourth “missing” studio album, recorded in 1972 after the acclaimed soundtrack for Roman Polanski’s film Macbeth, but released only thirty years later. The Magus marks a further change in their musical development and demonstrates the extreme versatility of the band. In a journey from Occident to Orient, the band employ here a wider array of instruments including electronics and vocals in a blend that anticipates many groundbreaking genres that will emerge only much later.
File under: Cosmic
Cat. number: TB6430
Year: 2019