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The Ontology Of Noise

Label: Touch

Format: CD

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Mastered by Denis Blackham. The Ontology of Noise researches the dark associations of post-black metal. No traditional instruments are used on the album and all techniques are digital in their application. There are almost no arrangements or layers, but the pieces consist of single streams which change intuitively. This makes The Ontology of Noise a concrete journey through an abstract language evolving around light and darkness, nature and artificiality, and sometimes even takes the form of a sound very similar to an electric guitar... The Ontology of Noise explores the filmic qualities of noise - the image-creating mechanisms that arise almost hallucinogenically from subtle variations of frequences. By using a special set of digital mastering and filtering techniques, the recordings often sound very much like the sounds of nature; wind in trees and water. The Ontology of Noise opens up an audial perception for these sounds of nature and ask questions about their ontology... Nana April Jun is one of the personas of Christofer Lmgren (1974), a visual artist, composer and art magazine YKKY [] editor-curator based in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Cat. number: Tone 37
Year: 2009
Genre: Noise