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Humayun s Tomb - (excerpt)
Poem Of Change - (excerpt)

Pauline Oliveros

The Roots of the Moment: Collected Writings 1980-1996 (Book + CD)

Label: Drogue Press

Format: Book

Genre: Sound Art

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This volume of collected writings by Pauline Oliveros is presented in an unique polytextural format includes essays and scores along with a CD. Introduction by Jackson Mac Low. Excerpt. Publication of this book by Drogue Press has been made possible with the assistance of The Institute for Electronic Arts, School of Art and Design at Alfred University with generous support from Pamela Joseph.

Essays, poems, scores, dreams, and HorSpiele (German for, literally, "ear-plays") are presented as simultaneously unfolding texts (graphic design by Blair Seagram). A pioneer of electronic and interactive electro-acoustic music, of meditative or contemplative music (renowned for her work with The Deep Listening Band), and a virtuoso accordionist and performer, Oliveros stands with John Cage, Terry Riley, Conlon Nancarrow, Morton Feldman, LaMonte Young and few others as among the most radical post-war experimentalists of American music. The compact disc enclosed includes four HorSpiele (1987-1993) commissioned for radio performance in Germany and the US.

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Year: 1998

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