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davide tidoni

The Sound of Normalisation (Book + DVD)
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davide tidoni - The Sound of Normalisation (Book + DVD)

davide tidoni

The Sound of Normalisation (Book + DVD)

€ 15.00

LABEL: Viaindustriae
GENRE: Sound Art | FORMAT: BOOK + DVD | CATALOG N. - | YEAR. (2018)

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**300 copies** The project The Sound of Normalisation is a collection of audio recordings documenting the sound culture of the ultras group Brescia 1911 in relation to modern football and the wave of repressive measures targeted at organised supporters groups. The recordings were made over a period of fifteen years and cover: 1) the creation, uses and meanings of the chants; 2) group principles and collective identity; 3) audience participation and the process of social exclusion from the stadium; 4) police repression and the political implications of the chants; 5) the evolution of drumming in the stadium in relation to the drums ban-order of 2007. Each recording comes with a short introductory text and is presented here as a video with subtitles. One color printing blue-white, 21x15cm, 36 pp., Italian/English, with DVD.

"Since early 2000 I’ve been researching football supporter subculture, audience participation and crowd regulation. The overall research concerns the nexus of public space, social performance and surveillance in contemporary Italian football. The aim of the research is to trace mechanisms of social interaction and aesthetic creation in football supporters’ subculture via an examination of the sound practices shared by the group Brescia 1911. Relations between sound production and space construction are investigated especially in the light of dynamics of social control adopted in football grounds in the recent years. The research contributes to a better understanding of sound’s function in group formation and collective identity as well as how sound performance and social repertoire evolve in relation to public security measures and space control." - Davide Tidoni

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