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Philip Cohran & The Artistic Heritage Ensemble

The Spanish Suite


Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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"The Spanish Suite was written to magnify the contribution that Moorish Spain made on the European Renaissance. The relationship of music to cosmic rhythms and harmony was altered from the original state of Spanish music and eventually distorted down to the 12 tone equi-temperment system of tuning. The Artistic Heritage Ensemble was taught to play outside of the 12-tone system and to recognize natural tone relationships. The musicians had to be dedicated to music for life in order to reach the level they obtained. The Spanish Suite represents the median effort in returning to our original music. It was written and first performed in December of 1965 an AACM performance at the St. John Grand Lodge located at 7349 S. Ingleside in Chicago. This particular performance was at the Afro Arts Theatre at 3900 S. Drexel in February of 1968."

Cat. number: KE 348CD
Year: 2009

Recorded in 1968 but never released until this CD edition.

Packaged in an LP-style sleeve.