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Mike Cooper

World Slide


Format: 12''

Genre: Folk

Out of stock

Courtesy of the same folks who reissued that crazy 'Killing Melody' LP comes an amazing outing from British bluesman Mike Cooper. Since the early 60s he's been active supporting American blues artists such as Jimmy Reed, and Howling Wolf on their UK tours besides earning a crust backing many homegrown R&B bands. He also mastered the steel blues and Hawaiian lap guitar before veering into more avant-garde territory during the 80s, consolidating his various styles into a unique sound. The tracks here were recorded in his kitchen in Rome onto minidisc and transferred to CD, displaying three varied examples of quiet, intricate and unique style. Of most interest to us are the tracks 'World Slide' and New Hula Slide', making trippy use of lo-fi and scuzzy avant-garde loops to which he pastes his sliding Hawaiian melodies. The effect at times reminds us of hypnotic lo-fi types like James Ferraro or even Sh*tcluster, riffing on exotic memes from the liminal peripheries to lull us into wickedly weird and wonderful states, especially on the lengthy B-side.

Cat. number: ETHBO4
Year: 2010