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The Transcending Quest - excerpt 1

Vidna Obmana

The Transcending Quest (10")

Label: 13

Format: 10"

In stock


**100 copies** 25th anniversary reprint on 10" golden vinyl of the 3" MiniCD originally released by Amplexus in 1994. Personally remastered in 2019 by Dirk Serries, this tiny Tribal Ambient jewel is finally available again as an ultra limited vinyl edition. The Transcending Quest perfectly represent the sound of Vidna Obmana, and in its 20 minutes it concentrates all the atmospheres and moods that were later developed on a fundamental album like The River of Appearance or on his nearly-mythical collaboration with Steve Roach, The Well of Souls. The Transceding Quest was also the beginning of that wonderful and unforgettable adventure called Amplexus. Simply a must for any Ambient connoisseur!

Cat. number: sps1933
Year: 2019
Genre: Electronic
File under: Ambient