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Thoughts - excerpt 1
Thoughts - excerpt 2
Thoughts - excerpt 3
Thoughts - excerpt 4
File under: KrautProgressive


Thoughts (LP)

Label: Long Hair

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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Originally released in 1971 on famous German Pilz Label, Thoughts was the second and last album of a band which is often regarded as one of the most legendary krautrock bands. While 1st album Revelation was full of inventions and surprises within long tracks with extensive guitar workout, swirling organ and lots of improvisations, Thoughts showed a different style to the debut. With two different lead vocalist (Jürgen Schäfer and Werner Vogt) Virus' music was now more song oriented, more hard-rock and blues focused. That meant a step towards more song oriented Frumpy, but with a wild psychedelic edge and lyrics about drugs and paranoia, close to Pilz label-mates Dies Irae. Album comes with detailed liner notes by Virus singer (also bass and guitar player) Werner Vogt. For the first time officially released on vinyl. Limited edition, includes two bonus tracks. A must have!

File under: KrautProgressive
Cat. number: LHC 127
Year: 2013

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