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P16. D4

Three Projects (Bruitiste - Captured Music - Fifty)

Label: RRRecords

Format: CD

Genre: Noise

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Last copy available ..."the principles of cooperative working and of a free-floating exchange of musical material and ideas always were a crucial point for P16.D4's work. These principles were put to work in the DISTRUCT and N4 - projects and taken to an extreme with the "THREE PROJECTS": "Bruitiste" was done by non-P16.D4-members of selektion (an organization of artists and musicians, related to P16.D4 since 1984) in an attempt to create P16-D4-style music.
"Captured Music" uses non-P16.D4-sound material organized P16.D4 while "Fifty" has P16.D4-sound material organized by Masami Akita (Merzbow). All three projects were recorded 1987 and released as part of LPs which also contained other groups works:

"Bruitiste" (RRRecords, RRR 023, USA 1988) was a double-LP featuring each one side by P16.D4, Vivenza, Esplendor Geometrico and Etant Donnés.

"Captured Music" (Selektion SLP 019, Germany 1989) featured the P16.D4 piece as side 1 and further transformations of the sound material by Asmus Tietchens, S.B.O.T.H.I. and Nachtluft as side 2 of the LP.

"Fifty" (RRRecords, RRR 050, USA 1990) had the P16.D4/Merzbow - collaboration as one side and a S.B.O.T.H.I./Merzbow - collaboration as the other side of LP.

p16.D4 existed from 1980 to 1988 as a continuously working group. The only permanent member was Ralf Wehowsky (RLW). Since 1992, RLW works under own name. All the tracks of Tionchor had appeared on different compilations. They were restored and compiled during 1986 for Tionchor which was released II/1987 as L.P. (Selektion SLP 013). Three bonus tracks and the complete discography have been added for this CD reissue. p16-D4 was one of the more active group of what we used to call the industrial wave of the 80's although their music was very far from the clichés of this scene. They went from rock music, they discover electroacoustic in the early 80's, and then they create a unique blend of cut-ups, electronics, improvisation, musique concrete, noise,... with an energy and techniques influenced by their "rock" inheritance.
Cat. number: rrr cd 008
Year: 1993

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