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black sun productions

Toilet Chant (LP)
€ 21.00
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black sun productions - Toilet Chant (LP)

black sun productions

Toilet Chant (LP)

€ 21.00

LABEL: Hallow Ground
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. HG1602LP | YEAR. (2016)

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**300 copies, white vinyl** "Toilet Chant was originally released back in 2004, in an edition of 99 numbered CDrs that each featured a no doubt highly collectable thumbprint / shitstain (Massimo and Pierce were, of course, no strangers to the base and scatological). Despite its more deviant, transgressive, and earthbound trappings, however, Toilet Chant is actually quite a complex and otherworldly suite of songs. In fact, parts of it are legitimately brilliant. Hallow Ground seem to have valiantly tried to eliminate as much of that potential cognitive dissonance as they could, as aside from not being shit-smeared, this reissue also no longer features the original cover art of two urinals in a graffiti-covered bathroom (though the new artwork could potentially be an abstract sphincter).
In any case, the music here often reaches some truly spectacular highs. The opening title piece, for example, is essentially just six minutes of eerily inhuman howls, lying somewhere between grinding metal and a pack of wolves while still managing to sound improbably ritualistic. Elsewhere, E2=Tree 3 resembles a slinky, sexy, and Latin-tinged groove built from the dissonant whines and crunches of massive machinery. I think it features actual wolves, as well, who perversely seem a lot less feral and a lot more intent on hitting the right notes than Jhonn Balance (he basically turns up just to yowl for the final minute). Yet another highlight is Glüewürmlitanz, which sounds a lot like a bagpipe drone piece might sound if the bagpipes were replaced by slithering and fluttering Lovecraftian horrors. That is not an easy aesthetic to pull off." - Brainwashed

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