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Tqaseem Mqamat El Haram 2016-2019 - excerpt 1
Tqaseem Mqamat El Haram 2016-2019 - excerpt 2
Tqaseem Mqamat El Haram 2016-2019 - excerpt 3
Tqaseem Mqamat El Haram 2016-2019 - excerpt 4


Tqaseem Mqamat El Haram 2016-2019 (LP)

Label: Nashazphone

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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**300 copies, red vinyl** Debut LP by 1127, Cairo’s darkest prince who has translated your deepest and sickest thoughts into an electronic narrative reminiscent of a krokodil induced Tim Hecker composition.
«I enjoyed listening to this album – it’s beautiful, provocative and driven by a thoughtful balance between density and isolation. The clutter of elements tells a precise story, clarified by chaotic fusions and spontaneous, tangential ideas of sound. The 'pressure' of the thing feels important. I’m struck by how the detail of the sound design and non-musicality evokes real places and real moments, and somehow very human emotions. It’s a brilliant record.» - David Psutka (Egyptrixx / ACT!)

Cat. number: NP-31
Year: 2019

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