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Muruga, Big Black

Tuva trance

Label: Sagittarius A-Star

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Jazz

In stock


Muruga'll turn 70 years old next Dec. 2012 and he'll also celebrate 55 years in music business. his probably the most eclectic/complete musician/artist i had ever met. i recently saw a youtube video where he plays with John Lee Hooker... and here you'd hear him for the 1st time on accordion, which he told me he played since age 14... his master was the Russian Gypsy Misha Bishkoff. a musician's friend of mine says that he's a genious ! i totally agree and i'd like to add that he's also one of the very last underground legend/hero of our times, yo ! have you ever seen, not only lately, some proper article/tribute about him ?! naaa ! anyway, these are rockets from another... galaxy, full of doors (or portals) to parallel dimensions... music that can softly caress yr heart/elevate yr spirit

Cat. number: SAS 31
Year: 2012

Limited edition of 200 copies

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