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Simon Wickham-Smith


Label: Celebrate Psi Phenomenon

Format: CD

Out of stock

Now this was a bit of a surprise. Especially coming from Simon Wickham-Smith, although by now we should maybe expect the unexpected from W-S. One single seventy five minute track, an endlessly looped tripped out hip hop beat, with stuttery vocal samples in the background, chanting and tribal, but low enough in the mix that they just sounds like random warbling and rumbling. Had trouble getting our heads around this at first, but after a few minutes, it sort of grabs hold of you, with its strangely hypnotic repetition, and you sort of drift away on a slowly shifting current of tribal percussion and strange ambient sounds. Very reminiscent of Muslimgauze. As always, limited too!
Cat. number: CPP 7
Year: 1970

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20 years
Vinyl LP + 3 CD | €29.90