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Verses - Excerpt 1
Verses - Excerpt 2
Verses - Excerpt 3

Barbara Monk Feldman


Label: Another Timbre

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental



Another Timbre presents Verses, five chamber and solo works by the Canadian composer Barbara Monk Feldman. "I have been thinking about what is inside and what is outside. The everyday life and tragedy of what goes on around you, and the fact that to accomplish anything you need the isolation in the studio - I think about this moral issue. And then on another level, I think about an inside and an outside for art itself, and how ephemeral that is.... What I am looking for is a way to notate the most intangible aspect of the music – for me that is the colour. Colour is not only the instrumentation. It also involves the ‘weight’ of the tones, and a kind of gravity in the relationship of the sound and silence, as well as the spacing of duration and registration."

Cat. number: at177
Year: 2021

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