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Viens, Mon Amour - excerpt 1
Viens, Mon Amour - excerpt 2
Viens, Mon Amour - excerpt 3
Viens, Mon Amour - excerpt 4

Dean Morgan, Paul Baillargeon

Viens, Mon Amour (LP)

Label: Trésor National

Format: LP

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***1000 copies*** Trésor National is a new Montreal-based record label dedicated to reissuing long lost gems recorded in Quebec (Canada). Their inaugurational release is a 180 Gram Vinyl-only official reissue of the 1970 cult classic “maple syrup porn” soundtrack Viens, Mon Amour (Love In a 4 Letter World), composed by Paul Baillargeon (Star Trek TV series, Jean- Pierre Ferland's Soleil, Curious George) and Dean Morgan. Between 1968 and 1974, Quebec was exposed to unabashed exploitation cinema. Erotic and taboo, these B-movies took on the name of films de fesses (titty films) or “maple syrup porn”. The genre produced some of the most delectable and collectable soundtracks at the time while Viens, Mon Amour easily stands out as one of the sexiest example ever recorded in La Belle Province! Original pressings are scarce and have been highly sought-after for decades by collectors from around the world. This remastered reissue highlights every sensual, psychedelic and funky side, where rare grooves mix with delicate pop songs and Moog-infused, fuzz-driven titles with hard-hitting brass. A true gem for cinephiles, DJs and all diggers of exotic sounds... With a distinctive Québécois feel. This first-ever reissue also includes a folded insert with extensive liner notes, rare artwork and exclusive commentaries from the composers.

Cat. number: TNAT 001
Year: 2019
File under: grooves