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Omega - excerpt
File under: DroneElectronic



Label: Die Stadt

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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The third and final part of the Organum trilogy that started with »Sanctus« (Robot Records - RR35) and »Amen« (Die Stadt - DS95). »Omega« is a further continuation of the first two parts. »While The Stars Be Not Darkened«. First edition of 600 copies in digipack sleeve. Collecting music for the sake of collecting is not something I am very keen. Music hearing for the sake of hearing music, that is what I like. There are a few artists whose new works I usually try to get, and Organum is one of them. Although I must admit, I sometimes (or perhaps more often than not) am clueless what it is about. If it's about something at all. The music by Organum is a mystery that comes in clusters. The cover of 'Omega' looks like 'Sanctus' and 'Amen', so no doubt there is a relation in the music, which comes to form in the use of a church organ like sound, some highly processed chime like sound and a deep drone of rusty metal in the background. Just as on 'Sanctus' and 'Amen' - and much true to the form of Organum mystery, there are three pieces here, which all sound quite similar - or perhaps they are similar? You can't tell, and that's probably the whole point. After some fifteen minutes, another track of fifteen minutes that sound similar, is that then also similar? It's a question Organum asks himself, or rather, just raises for us to find an answer too. I am afraid I have no answer myself. I sit back and listen and wondering what this means, 'Omega', 'Sanctus' and 'Amen' - a holy trilogy? Better would be, perhaps, not to ponder too much about this and just enjoy that crazy genius Organum. I am long converted to his belief. (Vital - FdW)

File under: DroneElectronic
Cat. number: DS 101
Year: 2008

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