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David Behrman

Wave train

Label: Alga Marghen

Format: Vinyl LPx2

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

"double lp reprint of the famous david behrman wave train compact disc issued a couple of years ago. experimental music from 1959-68: 'canons' featuring david tudor on piano and christoph caskel on percussion; 'ricecar' a prepared piece performed by david behrman in the early 1960s; 'wave train' a powerful feedback piece performed live with gordon mumma; 'players with circuits' a combination of live electronics and amplified acoustic sound; 'sounds for a film by bob watts' for outdoor environment recording and homemade synthesizer recorded at stony point; and 'runthrough' with lucier, mumma, ashley and behrman on dials and switches of homemade synthesizer and distributing sound in space with homemade photocell mixers (different from version released on 'sonic arts union' lp). this edition comes in a colour gatefold lp cover with new graphic and lay-out. edition of 500 copies only."

Cat. number: plana B 5NMN.020LP
Year: 2005

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