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Atom Tm


Label: Raster-Noton

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Winterreise is the audio soundtrack to a series of photographs with the same name produced by Atom TM. The series was exhibited during 2011 in Tokyo and Frankfurt (excerpts included in the packaging of the Winterreise CD edition). The Winterreise soundtrack may be considered a sequel to the Liedgut (R-N 099CD) album, in the sense that the resulting photo series was conceived as a consequence of the contextual framework which Liedgut both initiated and provided. Winterreise, though, is a far more abstract piece of work, with its accent in soundscapes and textures. With a balance between the romantic and the scientific, this album evokes, not just accompanies, the visual aspect of the Winterreise project in a perfect manner, by painting grainy sonic images that visualize the tradition and the future of the romantic subconscious.
Cat. number: R-N 140CD
Year: 2012

Verlegt durch den Freibank Musikverlag in Hamburg und raster-noton. edition, Berlin.

Alle Stücke auf "Winterreise" wurden componiert, arrangiert, aufgenommen und abgemischt sowie zur Reproduktion aufgearbeitet in der Bowman Suite zu Santiago de Chile.

© 2012 raster-noton. archiv für musik und nichtton

Soundtrack to a photo series with the same title.

Packaging: oversized card slipcase in a protective cellophane jacket.
Comes with four photo cards from the 'Winterreise' photo series and one card with a quote (in German) from Friedrich Nietzsche's 'Die fröhliche Wissenschaft' ('The Gay Science').

Barcode sticker on cellophane.

Previously released on Playbutton.

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