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File under: free improvisation


Wood, wire & sparks

Label: Monotype Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Jazz

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Jon Rose, violins. Clayton Thomas, double bass. Mike Majkowski, double bass. Australian string trio Strike combine pure energy, dynamic sensibilities and a bombastic approach to percussive attack Ð diving head first into the chamber. A rare combination of thrash energy, sophisticated listening and unbridled enthusiasm. Led by the pioneering experimentalist Jon Rose, the trio takes full advantage of the myriad possibilities of the string, the bow and the box. Jon Rose is Australia's most consistently challenging and ground breaking improviser, instrument builder and conceptualist. He has performed for over 20 years around the world, recording with everybody from Derek Bailey to K.K.Null. His radio plays have been presented in France, Germany, Holland and the US. His Great Fences Project has taken him across the fields of Australia, Europe and the US and very nearly behind bars in Israel. Clayton Thomas landed on the European Improvising scene in 2007, quickly finding like minded musicians across the continent. He combines a focussed exploration of electronic sonic references with a transformative energy usually associated with free Jazz. Since arriving he has played with many inspiring and ground breaking improvisers, including Peter Brotzmann, Paul Lovens, Peter Evans and John Butcher to name a few. Mike Majkowski is a ferociously gifted bassist, moving with unique style through the traditions of jazz - working with Australia's leading exponents - including Chris Abrahams and Mike Nock. During his first forays into Europe he has performed with luminaries Han Bennink, Paul Lovens, Tobias Delius.

Cat. number: monoLP014
Year: 2013

Side A recorded live at Densities Festival 2010
Side B recorded at Ausland, Berlin, 2010

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