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The_Outer_Limits (excerpt)

Cabaret Voltaire

1974-76 (2LP)

Label: Mute

Format: 2Lp

Genre: Noise

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A selection of material recorded by Cabaret Voltaire during the earlier and formative years of their existence. All of the recordings were done in an attic 10 feet by 6, on a domestic reel to reel tape recorder. A number of the recordings here were part of those which made up the now legendary limited edition cassette released by the band in 1976. "The Cabs’ prescient volley of noisy recordings made in Chris Watson’s attic c.’1974-76’ finally arrive on vinyl following part appearance on the rare-as-chuff ’76 tape, easier to find ’78/’80 editions, and subsequent CD reissues in the ‘90s  The 10 tracks also contained on this 2019 pressing document Sheffield’s industrial pioneers in their earliest and crankiest phase, beating out machine rhythm and shards of synth noise in Watson’s 6 feet by 10 feet attic, direct to a domestic reel to reel recorder. Well known to their legion disciples, the tracks yield a fly on’wall perspective over Richard H. Kirk, Stephen Mallinder and Chris Watson’s expressive gatherings.  More than half of the material on this set is also shared with their earliest tape, given to friends in edition of only 25. They range from the writhing, buzzing oscillators of ‘In Quest Of The Unusual’, the reticulated, dadaist dance of ‘Do The Snake’ and the spectral noise invocations of ‘Fade Crisis’ and ‘Venusian Animals’ to the probing tones of ‘The Outer Limits’, which are all comparable to earliest recordings by TG’s Chris Carter or proto-echoes of :Zoviet*France:”, while the other, slightly later parts are no less scrawny and brittle, especially in the super primitive needling of ‘Doubled Delivery’ and their queasy dirge ‘She Loved You.’" Boomkat

Cat. number: CABS15
Year: 2019