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hieroglyphic being

A Romance Of 2 Planets
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hieroglyphic being - A Romance Of 2 Planets

hieroglyphic being

A Romance Of 2 Planets

€ 11.90 € 10.70

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GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: Vinyl LP | CATALOG N. ALT04-12 | YEAR. (2010)

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2010 release. Beautifully presented three-track 12" from Jamal Moss in his enigmatic Hieroglyphic Being guise, presented in a run of 500 copies on London's excellent Alter label - who're responsible for that OPN/Tomuttontu split 7" some months back. Jamal's unique and impregnable style is in full flow on the 12-minute A-side 'Sphere Of Madness', divining wandering, astral synthlines and frothing machine rhythms, all equally informed by vintage Chi-House, Industrial and New Age memes but entirely their own distinct, autonomous organism. On the B-side the splashing open hi-hats and lyrical synth licks of 'Incontrollable Tears' connect it to a spiritual jazz lineage, open-minded and pulsing with life-affirming freedom, while 'A Romance Of 2 Planets' gently propels itself through distant galaxies with motorik-yet-funky drum patterns and and his special esoteric harmonies. To reiterate what we said at the top, this record is beautiful in its very own peculiar way. Recommended!

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