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Frob - excerpt 1
Frob - excerpt 2
Frob - excerpt 3


Frob (LP)

Label: Replica

Format: LP

In stock


Remastered reissue of this killer album. A unique psychedelic kraut/jazz rock/avant album, originally released in 1976, sees a welcome reissue. Formed in 1973 in the German town of Rheda-Wiedenbruck, Frob also included French jazz-fusion guitar player Philippe Caillat in its line-up. The album is shadow-strafing suite of spidery rhythms and inquisitive jazz gestures, effortlessly binding avant instrumental dexterity with cool blue harmolodic sentiment in a timeless style that could feasibly be dated to any point between the 70s heyday of jazz-fusion and avant-progressive. It’s both highly complex and entirely accessible - in the most thought provoking, evocative way. Frob navigates webs of sound as structurally fascinating as a spider’s web or a deep space image of a distant constellation, seemingly moving on eight legs along steep vertical and fast-flowing horizontal axes with a shocking grasp of precision and pointillism that will leave new listeners to his work scratching their heads, wondering how to programme such complex percussion electronically. Killer.


A very cohesive album and among the best recommendations from Germany kraut-jazz underground next to the challenging ex-Magma, Ibliss and the neo-clas-sical Tetragon, track it down immediately!“ (Prog Archives)

Cat. number: RPC043
Year: 2020
Genre: Psych