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The Contemporary Jazz Quintet

Actions 1966 • 67 (LP)

Label: Pladeselskabet Centrifuga

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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** 2021 Stock ** Actions 1966 67, is a selection of recordings by TCJQ. The music is truly unique an is among the absolute best from the Scandinavian avantgarde jazz scene at that time. We are proud to make this recording available on vinyl for the first time, and to be able to tell the full story of TCJQ on a 4 pages insert. Enjoy!. Liner Notes – Tim Thorlund Boisen. Painting – Franz Beckerlee. Photography By – Jan Persson, Ole Henning Hansen. Remastering– Joachim Michaelis. Cover design – KLD Repro.

Alto Saxophone – Franz Beckerlee
Bass – Steffen Andersen
Drums – Bo Thrige Andersen
Saw – Niels Harrit
Trumpet – Hugh Steinmetz

Cat. number: FUGA-201908
Year: 2019
Recorded in Copenhagen 1966-67 Digitally remastered May 2000 at Tocano Mastering, Copenhagen.

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