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Alchemy To Our Days

Label: Yerevan Tapes

Format: TAPE

Genre: Experimental

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Metzengerstein is a Tuscany-based trio formed by members of art collective Ambient-Noise Session who has their debut tape Albero Specchio released by Expo 70 Justin Wright’s Sonic Meditations back in 2013 (and recently re-releases on wax by Italian imprint Harsh).

On March 30 Yerevan Tapes will releases their second effort called Alchemy To Our Days, a brand new six-track album where the band explores hallucinating sounds and ritual, mythological abstractions even deeper.
Featuring field recordings from the Temple of Jerusalem by domestic artist Giovanni Lami, sax incursions by Virginia Genta from Jooklo Duo and trumpets by Marco Baldini, Metzengerstein have achieved one more intoxicating work able to convey primordial and mystical feelings, wisely manipulating the tools of kraut rock, space rock and psychedelia.


Cat. number: YER012
Year: 2015

edition of 100 copies

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