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Amore (Lp)

Label: Monster Melodies

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

In stock


One of the rarest Vangelis soundtracks of all surfaces on vinyl for the first time - and it’s an absolute peach.   'Amore' was released in 1973 and was Vangelis' second collaboration with movie director Henry Chapier, after recording a score for the highly obscure film 'Sex Power' a year earlier. While an LP was released for the 'Sex Power' score, in very limited quantities, nothing was released of the music for ‘Amore’, nor was the film viewable until it's eventual release on DVD a few years back.


The recordings have been surfaced from the archived masters of the album and includes half an hour of previously unreleased music - an incredible mix of highly atmospheric Library music styles and that inimitable production style, check the widescreen synth vistas and pulsating beat of opener ‘Venezia’, or its more harrowing counterpart on the album closer “Amore” for some idea of the delights held within...

Cat. number: MMLP07
Year: 2015

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