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Jacques Dudon

Erosion Distillée (Lp)

Label: Monster Melodies

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

In stock


** 1969 previously unreleased album, this set must have been one of the weirdest albums recorded in France at the time** And that's saying a lot, given some of the avant jazz, experimental, and psych sets that were coming out of that scene! Jacques Dudon may be best known for his Ghislain pseudonym on other records – where he was much more of a straight blues guitarist – but here, he's very tripped out – and leads a collective of musicians through music that feels much more like a "happening" than a standard recording session – sounds that come from Dudon's sitar-like guitar lines and harmonium – plus other sounds on drums, pipes, accordion, and other percussion. Includes two postcards and a fold-out family tree of Jacques Dudon's bands from 1967-2010. Hand-numbered edition of 1000. Jacques Dudon is a French multi-instrumentalist born in 1951 in Villecresnes (a small town in the southeast of the Paris suburbs). At 17, he taught himself how to play guitar before creating The Soul Bag, an electric blues band. Under his Ghislain pseudonym , Dudon was considered one of the best French guitarists, with his particular style of playing the guitar on his knees. The band changed its name to Ghislain Blues Band, then Blues Bag, and went through a few drummers. In 1968, the band discovered LSD and the music turned to a strong psychedelic style: the band would play solos for 45 minutes, performing a "liquid show." The band recorded the Le Chien single (1970) for EMI under the L'Assemblée name (yielding two legendary tracks presented on many psychedelic compilations) before going their separate ways. In 1969, Jacques Dudon recorded some tracks alone for an album but the project collapsed and the music was never edited -- until now. After 1969, Jacques Dudon appeared at the Festival d'Amougies with the French band We Free and at the Biot Festival, playing after Frank Zappa. Dudon made crazy music with special amplified guitars to produce feedback, playing chords with different objects in glissandi (a process he was the first to use according to Daevid Allen). At the end of 1969, he joined Pre-Crium Delirium and went on the road with the Hog Farm for a trip to Kathmandu via Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan. They organized the first Kabul rock festival in 1970 and stayed in India until 1974. He returned to France and invented the process of photo-phonic synthesis, becoming a master of microtonal music. He continued to participate in many projects in the south of France, building a new instrument, the Dulcevina, with 22 notes by octave in accordance with the 22 Indian shrutis. In 1979, he played this instrument for a project called Dedicace. Alejandro Jodorowsky used the instrument for his movie Tusk (1980). Dudon later created a school for harmonic exploration, psychoacoustic music, and initiation to polyrhythmic vocal and organized music festivals.

Cat. number: MMLP09
Year: 2018

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