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Best of 2021


And the Waters Opened (LP)

Label: Wah Wah Records

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

In stock

A truly astounding piece of work that towers on its own in the history Krautrock and Kosmische, Wah Wah's beautiful vinyl reissue of Between's 1972 masterstroke, "And the Waters Opened", levels the playing-field and melts the mind with its sounds.

** 2021 Reissue ** We did already reissue Between's "And The Waters Opened" ten years ago and it sold out very fast. Since then, many of you have kept asking for copies of it, so we've just done a new deal to produce a new run of 500 copies only. This is one of the most interesting kraut LPs, be sure to grab a copy for your collection! First released in Vertigo in 1972 and often regarded as Between's most exotic and beautiful opus, it is a huge droning masterpiece with oriental nuances that might recall Popol Vuh, Fripp and Eno or Taj Mahal Travellers. A classic album from the early German 1970s scene! - Wah Wah Records

Cat. number: LPS071
Year: 2021

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Vinyl LP | €19.99

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