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Paul Hegarty

Annihilating Noise (Book)

Label: Bloomsbury

Format: Book

Genre: Sound Art



Noise has become a model of cultural and theoretical thinking over the last two decades. Following Hegarty's influential 2007 book, Noise/Music, Annihilating Noise discusses in sixteen essays how noise offers a way of thinking about critical resistance, disruptive creativity and a complex yet enticing way of understanding the unexpected, the dissonant, the unfamiliar.

It presents noise as a negativity with no fixed identity that can only be defined in connection and opposition to meaning and order. This book reaches beyond experimental music and considers noise as an idea and practice within a wide range of frameworks including social, ecological, and philosophical perspectives. It introduces the ways in which the disruptive implications of noise impact our ways of thinking, acting, and organizing in the world, and applies it to 21st­century concerns and today’s technological ecology.

Paul Hegarty teaches Philosophy and Visual Culture at University College Cork, Ireland. He is the author of Noise/Music (Bloomsbury, 2007) and co-series editor of the Ex:Centrics series with Bloomsbury. He jointly runs the experimental record label dotdotdotmusic, and performs in the noise bands Safe and La Société des Amis du Crime.

Cat. number: 9781501335440
Year: 2020

296 pp
229 x 152 mm

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