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Another - Excerpt 1
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Magam, Moody Alien

Another / The Flame Within (LP + Book)

Label: Underflow Records

Format: LP + Book

Genre: Experimental

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* Edition of 500. In process of stocking * Underflow Record presents Another by Magam. The album includes Moody Alien's book "The Flame Within" and the digital album with bonus unreleased track. Magam is a shape-shifting, ever-evolving project, initiated in 2013 and directed by Moody Alien, that operates with the participation of musicians & other artists from around the globe, always embracing improvisation, experimentation & the unpredictable.

The album includes seven tracks performed by Călin Torsan - clarinet, tenor recorder & hulusi, Andrei Kivu - The MIDIcello & effects, Moody Alien - (processed) glockenspiel, vibraphone, windchimes, timpani & trumpet samples; (programmed) drums & double bass; keys, miscellaneous instruments & field recordings; effects & treatments. Recorded in Granada, Paris, Thessaloniki & in the 14th century church of Sf. Margareta in Mediaș, Transylvania.

“Shit” He said to Himself, commenting on the terrible sight that could only mean it was all going down in ashes, for the sole purpose of witnessing its own miraculous reconstitution. - from 'The Flame Within'