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Anthology of Essays on Deep Listening

Label: Deep Listening

Format: Book

Genre: Sound Art

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* 2021 Stock * Anthology of Essays on Deep Listening, edited by Monique Buzzarté and Tom Bickley, is timed to celebrate the 80th birthday of composer and Deep Listening Institute creator, Pauline Oliveros. Though three previous collections of Oliveros’s writings have already been published, this anthology is the first published presentation of the many voices of the broader Deep Listening community.  The historical record of Deep Listening connects back to the early 1970s when Oliveros began an exploration of listening and sounding at U.C. San Diego by constructing her Sonic Meditations. These text scores were focused on “directing attention to sound or to silence or to sounding with the understanding of when to listen exclusively and when to listen inclusively and how to balance between those two forms of listening.” 1 Oliveros described these two ways of listening as “focal” (exclusive) and “global” (inclusive): While focal listening focuses directly on a very specific, linear type of sound (such as a melody played by an instrument), global listening is receptive to the entire aural field, internally and externally. Each of the 25 Sonic Meditations has its own brief set of instructions, exploring one area of consciousness as it relates to sound

Cat. number: ‎9781889471181
Year: 2010

338 p.

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