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Tara's Room - excerpt 1
Tara's Room - excerpt 2

Pauline Oliveros

Tara's room


Both pieces are intended to aid the listener in times of spiritual change, but are just fine for 'everyday' use as well. Highly recommended." Charles S. Russell, Ear Magazine The two works on this cd - Tara's Room and The Beauty of Sorrow were composed and performed by Pauline Oliveros and recorded in May 1987. Previously only available as a cassette and long out of print." (Deep Listening) "The beauty of sorrow" was played by the composer on a small accordion tuned in just intonation and using lexicon delay processors. "Tara's room" is a multi-track recording with all materials played and sung by the composer.

Cat. number: DL 22-2004
Year: 2004

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