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Deep Listening Band, Joe McPhee

Unquenchable Fire

Label: Deep Listening

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Joe McPhee's Unquenchable Fire, a work inspired by Rachel Pollack's award-winning novel of the same title, was commissioned by The Deep Listening Institute for the Deep Listening Band and premiered at Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors. The Deep Listening Band explores the sensual combination of musical sound combined with natural sound, as well as the sounds of daily life and one's own thoughts. One never knows what Pauline Oliveros will do next, but whatever it is, she is sure to go beyond boundaries and categories. She is sui generis, an artist whose wide open creativity is both inspiring and challenging. On Unquenchable Fire, the musicians have brought the full force of their intelligence and sensitivity to Oliveros’ vision, creating a listening experience both memorable and evocative.

Cat. number: DL 19-2003
Year: 2012

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