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Archives Grm

Label: INA - GRM


Genre: Electronic

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For the 30th birthday of INA, the GRM has decided to present in this CD box some of his archives. INA - GRM (Institut National de l'Audiovisuel - Groupe de Recherches Musicales) in Paris, France, is the pioneering organisation of electroacoustics, acousmatics and musique concrète, with a history going back many decades, as active today as ever, recording and releasing a long string of historically important, but also new and innovative, electracoustic works, while also engaging in research into new techniques and teaching. The Acousmonium of the GRM is utilized giving renowned concerts of electroacoustic music.

CD1 'les visiteurs de la musique concrete' : Andre Hodeir - Pierre Boulez - Jean Barraque - Darius Milhaud - Roman Haubenstock-Ramati - Henri Sauguet - Edgar Varese - Andre Boucourechliev - Claude Ballif - Iannis Xenakis - Olivier Messiaen. CD2 'L'art de l'etude : Pierre Schaeffer - Monique Rollin - Michel Philippot - Philippe Arthuys - Luc Ferrari - Francois-Bernard Mache - Mireille Chamass-Kyrou - Ivo Malec - Philippe Carson - Akira Tamba - Beatriz Ferreyra - Alain Savouret. CD3 'Le son en nombres ' : Francois Bayle - Dieter Kaufmann - Jean-Claude Risset - Ivo Malec - Denys Smalley - Gilles Racot - Yann Geslin - Benedict Maillard - Jean Schwarz - Francis Dhomont. CD4 'Le temps du temps reel' : Bernard Parmegiani - Ake Parmerud - Denis Dufour - Horacio Vaggione - Alain Savouret - Francois Bayle - Gilles Racot - Daniel Teruggi - Ramon Gonzales-Arroyo - Michel Redolfi. CD5 'Le grm sans le savoir' : Bernard Parmegiani - Robert Wyatt/F. Bayle - Francois Bayle - Alain Savouret - Jean Schwarz - Michel Portal/J. Schwarz - Boris Vian/B. Parmegiani - Robert Cohen Solal - Guy Reibel - Edgardo Canton - Christian Zanesi.

Cat. number: INA C 1030
Year: 2008

Cardboard box with five CD's in single jewel cases celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Groupe de recherches musicales (GRM now INA-GRM directed by Daniel Teruggi) including 80-page booklet with 101 pictures. Each CD comes with a 24- to 32-page booklet.

Recorded at Studio GRM Paris. Pre-mastered at GRM.
Pressed and produced in France by SNA.

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