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Idris Ackamoor, Earl Cross, Muhammad Ali, Rashied Al Akbar

Ascent Of The Nether Creatures

Label: NoBusiness Records

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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Previously unreleased material from the quartet of trumpeter Earl Cross, saxophonist Idris Ackamoor, bassist Rashied Al Akbar, and drummer Muhammad Ali, performing live in The Netherlands in 1980, for five smoking examples of free jazz. The recordings are on the rough side, but the playing is spectacular, with impressive soloing from all 4 players. Clearly the room was transfixed by their playing, all all 4 respond with concentrative solos and great exuberance. The tune's heads sometimes harken back to bop, but are balanced with material more in an AACM approach. Kudos to NoBusiness for restoring and issuing this album!

Cat. number: NBLP 78
Year: 2014

Recorded in the Netherlands on the 12th July, 1980

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