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Fabio Frizzi

Assassinio Al Cimitero Etrusco

Label: Cometa

Format: CD

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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I’d already known Sergio Martino for some years, as his team produced another cult film by director Lucio Fulci, "Paura nella città dei morti viventi" (aka "City of the living dead") in 1980.  The following year, Sergio decided to produce a movie with a  compelling plot, a psychological thriller with horror elements. The film was set in Volterra  and its surrounding neighborhoods, which at one time were the political and social heart  of Etruscan society.  The main theme of the score is a piece written for flute and  orchestra.  The flute has strong relationship with the Etruscan people, and in the past,  thanks to the work of some great composers, it has been a sort of ambassador of  magical and disturbing atmospheres.  Another highlight is the percussion-heavy  sequences that underscore the building of the climax.  In the end, a romantic ballad turns into a lovely song, "Living in the Past". (Fabio Frizzi)

Cat. number: CMT 10022
Year: 2011