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At the Roundhouse (excerpt)


At the Roundhouse

Label: Anomalous Records

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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The International Carnival of Experimental Sound, or ICES '72 for short, was an ambitious festival sprung from the mind of Harvey 'Job' Matusow (1926-2002). Jumping off from his associations with the influential Source magazine, Harvey brought together over 300 artists from more than 21 countries to perform in London, England over the course of two weeks in August of 1972. Based on the theme of Myth, Magic Madness and Mysticism, he assembled an amazing diversity of performers working in diverse range of audio-visual arts. Encompassing happenings, films, dance, a train ride, and the phantom soft pool table, the focus was on sound -- specifically that of artists who were both composers and performers. Most of the concerts were held at The Roundhouse, a cavernous structure that was formerly a railroad engine house. Now, for the first time in 30 years, these recordings can be heard. This first CD in a series documenting the festival features the complete concert given by legendary free improvising group AMM. Represented here by Eddie Prevost and Lou Gare, they offer up powerful explosions of saxophone and drums punctuated with their famous AMM silences. This is the first time this material is available, aside from two short excerpts were published as the only 7" release on Evan Parker and Derek Bailey's Incus Records (and a very rare and desirable record that has become)

Cat. number: ICES 01
Year: 2007

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