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suishou no fune

Bonsai No Ie (Lp)
€ 16.00
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suishou no fune - Bonsai No Ie (Lp)

suishou no fune

Bonsai No Ie (Lp)

€ 16.00

LABEL: 8mm Records
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. 8mm 047 | YEAR. (2011)

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"New album from Tokyo psych duo Suishou No Fune in an edition of only 250 copies: recorded live in a Bonsai Shop in Tokyo this is Kageo and Pirako at their most celestial, with great sweeps of transparent dream tone that dissolve inspired versions of early material in clouds of fuzz and candyfloss. Suishou No Fune are obvious heirs to the whole Rallizes/Fushitsusha/Shizuka sound but with a focus more on blurry drone and vertical ascensions so if you’re a particular fan of the whole space-ballad style of the PSF roster – and who isn’t? – this is the one you’ve been waiting for. Some of the guitar lines are so ornate and transportive that at points it feels like being in the centre of one of The Grateful Dead’s most blasted matrixes, stepping way beyond the terrain of the song into previously unmapped sonic territories. It’s a trip but with only 250 copies, it won’t stick around forever. Recommended". (Volcanic Tongue)

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Recorded in a bonsai shop in Tokyo, Summer 2010.

Edition of 250 copies in professionally printed covers.

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