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peter brötzmann

Brotzmann Box
€ 21.90
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peter brötzmann - Brotzmann Box

peter brötzmann

Brotzmann Box

€ 21.90

GENRE: Jazz | FORMAT: 3 CD Box | CATALOG N. JW 176 | YEAR. (2017)

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"Brotzmann Box" is a beautiful box set containing 3 albums by German free jazz master Peter Brötzmann. The first volume of the album is "Full Blast" (JW 1) with Brötzmann (alto and soprano sax, tárogató) playing in a super Swiss-German trio with Marino Pliakas (electric bass), a member of Swiss Steamboat, and Michael Wertmuller (drums), one of the best musiciand of the Berlin music scene and member of the group Alboth. Together these three musicians create a truly unique musical cosmos that lies somewhere between jazz, free jazz, ambient, new music and trash metal. The second volume of the box is "Low Life - Last Exit" (JW 12), an extraordinary record with a great power and conciseness. The music of Brötzmann (alto and tenor), Bill Laswell (electric guitar, 6-string bass), Sonny Sharrock (guitar), Shannon Jackson (percussion, vocals) is incredible because incredible is the interaction between the four musicians who they reach uncharted sonic territories, writing a new page in the history of free jazz. The third volume, "Noise of Wings" (JW 56), is an album of abstract music, without notes, arrangements or pre-set structures, nothing, just musical instruments, ie tenor sax, clarinet and tárogató played by Brötzmann, Peter Friis Nielsen’s electric bass and Peeter Uuskyla’s drums. The musical construction takes shape only when the three musicians play and this makes such music in an ever ending work in progress. "Brotzmann Box" is a triple album not to be missed for those who want to know the best of the musical career of one of the most significant interpreters of European free jazz.

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