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Celestial Music 1978 - 2011

Label: All Saints Records

Format: LPx3

Genre: Electronic

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The first ever career-spanning collection of the music of legendary electronic mystic, Laraaji. Featuring rare early tape works, plus collaborations with Brian Eno, Bill Laswell and Blues Control, this triple vinyl edition houses each LP in its own printed inner bag and is presented in a specially made kraft board printed sleeve. 'Celestial Music' is a long overdue career retrospective documenting the highlights from over 30 years of spiritual music by Edward Larry Gordon aka Laraaji. Like many others, we were first turned onto Laraaji by Universal Sound's recent(ish) reissue of his 'Celestial Vibration' (1978) debut, which originally predated his better known "discovery" by Brian Eno, documented on 'Ambient 3: Day Of Radiance' (1980). Inspired by Eastern Mysticism and played on an electronically modified zither, Laraaji's music is a spiritually transcendent sound used for meditation and personal enlightenment. This 3LP set collects some of his most effective compositions, including collaborations with Bill Laswell ('Airbass' 1998), Blues Control ('Astral Jam' 2011) and Jonathan Goldman ('Quiet Space' 1986) and best heard in highlights such as the sublime 'Space Choir' and rarities like the gritty, groove-driven 'Staccato' or the remarkably Arthur Russell-esque 'Vision Song Suite'. Highly recommended!

Cat. number: WAST036LP
Year: 2014

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